Blocks FREE - addictive puzzle game App Reviews

60 add

Great game

Will keep you entertained, but pretty sure last level is impossible.

too easy

too easy

Missing Sound

Does not compare to the Unblock Me Free application, other than the higher resolution. Seems that if you want to create a knock-off app you could at least add some sound. We have spend countless hours with Unblock Me Free on the iPod Touch, with so many levels we lost track. The wood sound when moving blocks is awesome - sounds like real wood. Looking forward to an iPad version. DFZ, add some sound and more levels if you want a higher rating.

Really fun

Best puzzle Ive downloaded so far. Challenging but not frustrating. Great on the go.


Dont bother this stinks


Very fun, good to play on ur break time


This is bullshiz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Does exactly what it says...

Simple puzzle game that is easy to get into and a great way to kill some time. Nice enough graphics, reasonably challenging. Suggestions for the next version: count the number of moves it takes to solve a puzzle, add scoring, maybe a timer. Could also probably use a mechanism for solving puzzles when stuck, or alternatively give out hints. Didnt encounter any bugs while playing. Good job!


Finished all the levels and btw everybody all the levels are possible :) #50 is my fav <3

Great intellectual fun

Confused by the bad reviews here. The game is exactly as you see, a fun quick puzzle that I found highly enjoyable. The only thing that I would add would be a solutions button for when you are stuck or want to review the path.

Fantastic app

Love it! A lot of fun. Great app great game Cheers

Its ok

Its an ok game because the levels are fun but you shouldnt have to pay for the full version.

Its fun

Kills time. It alright

Expert level 36

I cant solve this level! Driving me crazy! Is there a solution? Edit: solved! Yeah!!


Dont get this get unblock me free it has over 800 levels, yes on the free one, unblock me is wayyyyyyyyyyy better than this copied game


I find this game challenging. I also have downloaded unblock me and find the graphics and game play even better

Great game

I got the free version of this app and loved it so much I bought the full version. The full version has tons of levels...totally worth it.

Too easy

Unblock me is way better

Blocks Free is great

Downloaded the free app this morning went through the 50 easy puzzles. Enjoyably addictive. My daughter and her boyfriend also got hooked. I purchased the up level and am very satisfied.


This is so boring!! The levels are way to easy. Unblock me is a lot more fun...

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